Hello Innovators

We've been expecting you.

Some call us the "Zensite boys" and some called us "bro". We are both brothers with experience of starting and ending our own companies. We walked through failures, rejections and pains like all founders been through. Let's collaborate together and innovate for a better future through design.

How do we work

We believe great work comes from great collaboration.

Over the year working on designs for clients from all over the world. The greatest lesson we learnt is, great collaboration often produce great work. Allowing everyone to remain committed and consistent with the project and client throughout each step of a process.

The process of collaboration promotes honesty and allows a constant stream of feedback and criticism from all sides of the table. In the same time, eliminating biases in the creative process when reaching out to problems and solutions.


Bringing in great talents and client into the creative process.

Close Communication

There are many things we do not know about you and your business. Preferences have no right or wrong. Preferences are also the wall between designers and founders. We tear such walls by having active discussions and keeping you close to the design process with appropriate collaboration tools.

Cross Functional Team

We equip ourselves with talent from all area of product development, we are able to think bigger and wilder. This gives us room to experiment, design and hack quickly to find out what works for you and your customer.

Local rising Talents

As an ex-freelancer ourselves, local rising talents often have a special place in our hearts. We are always on a search for local talent that is trying to diversify their experience by giving them a platform to learn and work. It's a way we give back to our community.

Freelancers & Partners

We also work along with various talents that would help to make our client's work better. By venturing out from our studio and working together and along with freelancers outside the studio, it helps us to eliminate creative bias and think outside the box.

Our Clients

We worked with

Our favourite brands are our friends! We help them to achieve their goals, they help us to stay sharp.