Binance Trust

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We designed a visual identity & interactive mobile design of Binance Trust for Binance, the most popular cryptocurrency exchange website.

A cold storage wallet that can safely store and move digital assets.

What we did
Branding, Product Design, Web Design, Art Direction, Experiment

After the acquisition of Trust Wallet by Binance, Binance set on a quest to help people to keep their funds safe without hassle. Hence, Binance Trust is born. Binance Wallet is a secure mobile wallet that allows people to store cryptocurrencies securely between cold and exchange wallets. This helps in introducing cryptocurrencies to the general public through ease of access. In short, the acquisition of Trust Wallet aims in helping everyone in creating and owning their own secure wallet.

Binance Coin Logo

"...let's make cryptocurrencies better than banking."

Most people rely on banks to secure their funds. However, this is different for cryptocurrencies. The security of cryptocurrencies is dependant on the users themselves. Because, most cryptocurrencies having poor usability issues, leading people to store their funds on exchanges. To break the spell, we designed a personal bank that never breaches your privacy, at the same time, allowing anyone to trade and exchange currencies within it.

Exchange & Wallet Union

During the discovery and research process, the most common complaint we received is the process of transferring funds between wallets are troublesome and costly. A cold wallet provides security and meanwhile, a hot wallet provides convenience. Most users are unhappy with minimum and high withdrawal fees. We change that by creating an experience that allows the user to easily transfer their digital asset from the exchange into a cold wallet quickly without paying the withdrawal fee.

Funds Are SAFU

Banks have been using the traditional ways to help people to store and secure their money. Which is, saving or current account. Bank provides support and accessibility which cryptocurrencies failed to do so. We are changing this by designing a trustable wallet that represents a personal bank with simple interfaces and experience. By researching and learning how banks build trust over the years. We came up with easy wallet usage that works like a bank, guiding people step by step throughout the process like ABC.

Getting Back Into Exchange

Similar to the process of overlooking at the current assets. We wanted to fulfil a sense of security and ease for people who love to trade, at the same time, not risking their funds in an exchange wallet. Keeping 2-factor authentication as a must when making the transfer between the Trust wallet and Binance. And, before making the transaction, we display a graph of the overall market performance of the selected currency, providing insights before making a decision.

Secure, even in public.

No one loves to have their wallet pickpocketed in public. Most financial apps are secured with appropriate security measures that protect users from theft. The idea of having an entire saving stolen by losing a phone makes no sense for most people. We wanted to ensure this is not the case for the users. So, we designed a wallet that can be locked away from anywhere under the user's will. Followed by a password needed when making transfers to new addresses.

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