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We designed the branding and an artificial intelligence personal assistant product that allows anyone to teach and improve it without typing a single code.

Luxie means the luxury of having a personal assistant that learns the way you want it.

What we did
How we take A.I to the public.

Founded in 2017, Luxie is the representative of the current trend of artificial intelligent and self-aware personal assistant. Luxie's initial objective was to compete with existing solutions. Instead, we shifted the focus on introducing the idea of A.I to the public during the fear of A.I. Designing a reliable and adaptive personal assistant that allows anyone to train and teach without the need to scream on their phones.

Luxie Training Card

Access everything via Voice.

Busy people wanted to an alternative way to interact with their smartphone, they asked for easy and quick responses without looking down. So, we designed Luxie's command cards. A feature that allows users to save their responses and interaction, allowing users to complete tasks with voice via command cards.

AI needs Flashcards too

During 2017, there was a high demand for a great personal assistant. There was a need for an ultimate personal assistant that could do everything. For many, it was proven to be impossible to design and compute an A.I that was capable of guessing all the process that people could request. We challenged the idea and came up with a feature that allows anyone in the world to share their cards, which represents the response they created without relying on existing chat data.

Passive & Active.

For most users today, most personal assistants are not accessible when they are not active. We discovered that it was the main reason why people are turning away from such apps. So, we designed Luxie to be available via the keyboard without the need to launch the app. Allowing users to communicate directly with Luxie with their voice or keyboard without bothering the users.

Luxie connects to everything

The company's biggest challenge was, how we could encourage apps to speak with each other without getting into the nitty-gritty. Most users expect personal assistants to be able to handle complicated requests. We designed a simple card interface that allows users to create command cards and linking it up with their other apps.

Luxie loves showing off at product hunt!

Luxie was featured #1 in Product Hunt in August 2017, hitting the number one placement in Betalist. Featured in Apple WWDC 2018, Apple has released a product similar to Luxie, marking as best upgrade to Siri.

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