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We helped Zensite to position its brand as an innovative design studio that design brands, digital products, and experiences for forward-thinking companies.

A digital design & experience studio that focuses on forward-thinking companies.

What we did
Branding, Product Design, Web Design, Art Direction, Photography

Zensite is a digital studio that focused on helping companies that are evolving or new to the industry by clarifying their purpose, finding their voice, understanding their customers, and defining their goals. The studio helps create brands, products and marketing for new or evolving companies. Aims in bringing design in a simple and straightforward process to help companies to discover and test crazy ideas without discrimination. With clean typography and logo with a new name that captures the spirit of the studio: "Zensite". Zensite positioned itself as a studio that highlights a culture of excellence and collaboration.

Zensite Logo Side

"...its like having passion waving back at you."

After deciding on the colour and shape. During the prototyping process, we took the shapes and colours into work by adding more matching circles. However, these circles are not visible to the eyes. We wanted a wave that looks like a periscope, a feeling that you are looking above the surface under the ocean. In the same time, it looks like a hello. A welcoming experience for founders who aims in looking ahead of their business.

Redesign the design studio

We wanted to create a place where founders work with people they can trust with their business. Gaining an edge in the industry is no easy task. And, many companies and founders often find themselves losing their purpose and bonds with their customers. Founders want to work with people that they can trust. Trust and passion have a deep association with the colour red. We have decided to pick a softer red for the website to represent passion and love that glows.

Show and educate.

Initially, Zensite was a team of freelancers. In the past, most prospects are usually uncertain of how design works. There are many uncertainties in today's world. We want Zensite to be able to shed lights on uncertainty and doubts on companies who are going to the next level. So, we created a simple and straightforward website that displays the creative process.

Show and tell.

Storytelling is a part of Zensite. We wanted Zensite to be something of educational and design. Information that goes from A to Z without missing anything. Whether it is a business card, websites, branding and stories of any brands. We designed Zensite to show and tell stories from design and branding.

Stunningly Iconically Beautifully Zensite.

"We found out most founders who approach Zensite are passionate about their startup. Which results in us picking the colour red that symbolises passion."

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